GCAA Student Athletes earn NJCAA All-Academic Team Accolades

The NJCAA just released those individuals across the national that were named to the 2017-2018 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards. Seven GCAA institution encompassing eleven different sports earned this honor.

Honoring academic performance throughout each individual's collegiate career, there are three classifications of the NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards based on the following cumulative GPA qualifications:

                NJCAA All-Academic First Team: 4.00 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Second Team: 3.80-3.99 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Third Team: 3.60-3.79 GPA

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Adam Park                              Golf II             Second Team

Alexis Meadows                       Softball I         Third Team

Buck Blalock                            Baseball I        Third Team

Carly Altman                           Soccer I           Third Team

Celia Morel                             Tennis I           Third Team

Courtney Moore                      Soccer I           First Team

Cyrielle Peyroche                    Tennis I           First Team

Hannah Glass                          Soccer I           Third Team

Lizbeth Cortes Martinez        Soccer I           Third Team

Mathilde Lirzin                      Tennis I            First Team

Matthew White                       Baseball I        Third Team

Matthias Rogel                       Tennis I           Third Team

Nicholas Rosatti                     Tennis I           First Team

Ruth Dorries                           Soccer I           Third Team

Samantha Davis                      Softball I         Third Team

Sarah Alberson                       Soccer I           Second Team

Scout Hogan                           Soccer I           First Team

Skyler Smeltzer                      Baseball I        Third Team

Sofia Scur                               Soccer I           First Team

Zane Folsom                           Baseball I        Second Team


Andrew College

Alexis Ellisor                         Volleyball I     Third Team

Brady Jones                            Baseball I        Third Team

Erin Ragan                              Softball I         First Team

Gianna Basulto                       Volleyball I     First Team

Hannah Messick                     Volleyball I     Second Team

Jacob Brantefelt                     Golf II             Third Team

Jordan Vaughan                      Soccer I           Third Team

Jordyn Sumner                       Softball I         Second Team

Kacie Fincher                         Softball I         Second Team

Kenley Kennedy                     Softball I         Third Team

Kristen Moore                        Volleyball I     First Team

Madison Logan                       Softball I         Third Team

Maris Guzman                       Volleyball I     Third Team

Matthew Holloway                 Baseball I        Third Team

Megan Carlson                       Softball I         First Team

Rasid Jakupovic                     Soccer I           Second Team

Rasmus Konradsson               Golf II             Third Team

Reyes Hernandez                    Soccer I           First Team

Spencer Nelson                       Baseball I        Third Team

Taylor Barnes                         Volleyball I     Third Team

Taylor Sheffield                     Softball I         Third Team

Victoria Weaver                     Softball I         First Team


East Georgia State College

Rhett Gay                                Baseball I        First Team


Georgia Highlands College

Alexander Holbrooks             Baseball I       Third Team

Alexis Palazzo                       Softball I        Third Team

Andrew Wilson                      Baseball I       First Team

Kateryna Pazzaglia Khomenko  Basketball I Second Team

Mackenzy Mcfarland               Softball I         Second Team

Shayla Smith                         Softball I         Third Team


Gordon State College

Adam Leverett                       Baseball I        Third Team

Addy Allegretti                       Softball I         First Team

Cheyanne Mosteller                Softball I         Second Team

Hannah Coulter                      Softball I         Second Team

Hunter White                          Baseball I        Third Team

Montana Schug                       Softball I         Third Team

Spencer Douches                    Baseball I        Third Team

Taylor Dykes                          Softball I         Second Team


Oxfor College of Emory University

Alexandria Render                 Tennis III        Third Team

Annie Chappell                       Soccer III        Third Team

Bin Wu                       Cross Country III        Second Team

Caroline Kawula                     Tennis III        Second Team

Chike Onyia                            Soccer III        Third Team

David Dill                               Soccer III        Third Team

David George                         Tennis III        Third Team

Elizar Aspiras             Cross Country III        Third Team

Erich Mildner                         Soccer III        Third Team

Fiona Bock                 Cross Country III        Third Team

Gordon Hua                            Tennis III        Third Team

Jake McGrath, III              Basketball III        Third Team

Jerry Yue                    Cross Country III        Third Team

Joseph Piccolo                       Soccer III        Third Team

Josephine Mac-Arthur            Soccer III        Third Team

Julian McCarthy                     Tennis III        Third Team

Justin Burton              Cross Country III        Second Team

Madeline Jones                       Soccer III        First Team

Mariana Guerrico-Hatch           Soccer III        Third Team

Mary Healy                             Tennis III        First Team

Matthew Beech                       Soccer III        Second Team

Matthew Santos          Cross Country III        Third Team

Michelle Ly                Cross Country III        Second Team

Rachel Silver              Cross Country III        First Team

Riana Peskopos          Cross Country III        Second Team

Sidi Liu                              Basketball III       Third Team

Theodora Khan                       Soccer III       Third Team

Thitikorn Ngampakdeepanich  Cross Country III Second Team

Victoria Ferlauto                       Golf III         Third Team

Yoo Kim                                 Tennis III        First Team

Zane Patel                         Basketball III        Second Team


West Georgia Technical  College

Alexandra Yarnall                  Softball I         First Team

Baylee Blaylock                     Softball I         Second Team

Chancey Davis                      Softball I         First Team

Cory York                             Baseball I        Second Team

Kayelyn Lewis                       Softball I         Third Team

Kendall Hardy                       Softball I         First Team

Samantha Sneed                   Softball I         Third Team