Ninety Eight Student Athletes Earn NJCAA Academic Awards

Ninety Eight Student Athletes Earn NJCAA Academic Awards

The NJCAA just released those individuals across the national that were named to the 2018-2019 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards. Ninety Eight student athletes from ten GCAA institutions, covering eleven different sports earned this honor.

Honoring academic performance throughout each individual's collegiate career, there are three classifications of the NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards based on the following cumulative GPA qualifications:

                NJCAA All-Academic First Team: 4.00 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Second Team: 3.80-3.99 GPA
                NJCAA All-Academic Third Team: 3.60-3.79 GPA

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Ansley Paulk                          Softball           First Team

Aspen Barker                          Softball I         Second Team

Buck Blalock                          Baseball I        First Team

Eni Nadia Kuchambi              Soccer I           Third Team

Hannah Glass                          Soccer I           First Team

Josey Wessel                         Softball I         Third Team

Kasey Griffin                         Tennis I           First Team

Lizbeth Cortes Martinez        Soccer I           Third Team

Matthew White                       Baseball I        Second Team

Nicole Hennum                      Softball I         Second Team

Ruth Dorries                           Soccer I           Third Team

Samantha Davis                      Softball I         Second Team

Skyler Smeltzer                      Baseball I        Third Team

Sutton Bridges                        Softball I         Third Team

Taylor Haddock                      Soccer I           Third Team

Andrew College

Clint Sellars                            Baseball I        Third Team

Fredrik Ackander                   Soccer I           Second Team

Jonathan Young                      Baseball I        First Team

Justin Barr                              Baseball I        First Team

Katelynn Alewine                   Soccer I           First Team

Kaylee Hughes                       Softball I         Second Team

Lawrence Bryant                    Baseball I        Third Team

Maris Guzman                        Volleyball I     Second Team

Matthew Holloway                 Baseball I        Second Team

Megan Carlson                       Volleyball I     First Team

Megan Royals                         Softball I         First Team

Rasmus Konradsson               Golf I              Second Team

Rebecca Johnson                    Softball I         Third Team

Ryla Christian                         Softball I         Third Team

Taylor Barnes                         Volleyball I     Second Team

Wade Law                               Baseball I        Third Team

Central Georgia Technical College

Antonio Youngblood              Basketball I    Third Team

Donnie Flowers                      Basketball I    Second Team

Ijon Owens                               Basketball I    Third Team

JalenDawson                           Basketball I    Third Team

Georgia Highlands College

Austin Foster                          Baseball I       Third Team

Ethan Underwood                    Baseball I       Second Team

Sierrah Gani                           Softball I        Third Team

Travis Sands                           Baseball I       Third Team

Gordon State College

Adam Leverett                        Baseball I        Third Team

Bounsavath Phanmanee         Baseball I        Second Team

Camryn Currie                        Softball I         Third Team

Demi Kiker                             Soccer I           First Team

Jay Pendley                             Baseball I        Second Team

Matthew Deloach                   Baseball I        Third Team

Matthew Eden                         Baseball I        First Team

Taylor Dykes                          Softball I         Third Team

William Felt                           Baseball I        Third Team

Oxford College of Emory University

Aaron Lin                   Cross Country III        Second Team

Alexander Levine       Cross Country III        Second Team

Alyssa Milton             Cross Country III        Third Team

Annie Chappell                       Soccer III        Third Team

Benjamin Wiseman                Golf  III           Second Team

Brandon Simon                       Soccer III        Third Team

Chike Onyia                            Soccer III        First Team

Cody Lu                                  Tennis III        Second Team

Danbi Lim                  Cross Country III        Third Team

Emily Elder                Cross Country III        First Team

Eric Lee, II                        Basketball III        Third Team

Harper Fine                 Cross Country III        Third Team

Hongyi Tang                     Basketball III        Second Team

Jake McGrath, III              Basketball III        Third Team

Jenna Shin                              Tennis III        Third Team

Julian McCarthy                     Tennis III        First Team

Kevin Yu                    Cross Country III        First Team

Madeline Jones                       Soccer III        First Team

Matthew Beech                       Soccer III        Third Team

Naman Aggarwal                        Golf III        Third Team

Natalie Mason                           Golf III        Second Team

Orest Los                                Tennis III        Third Team

Preethi Dharmavarap             Tennis III        Third Team

Qianxi Ouyang                           Golf III        Second Team

Quinn Paulus                          Soccer III       Second Team

Rachel Silver              Cross Country III        Third Team

Signe Forsindal                          Golf III        Third Team

Syed Anwar-Hashmi               Soccer III       Third Team

William Ball                            Soccer III       Third Team

William Hutsell          Cross Country III        Second Team

Yujie Xiao                  Cross Country III        Third Team

Zane Patel                         Basketball III        First Team

South Georgia State College

Riley Meloncon                      Basketball I     Third Team

Will Ferguson                         Basketball I     Third Team

South Georgia Technical  College

Alyssa Nieves                         Baskettball I   Third Team

Amarachuwu Edeh                 Baskettball I   Third Team

Fatou Pouye                            Baskettball I   Third Team

Khadidiatou Sarr                    Baskettball I   Third Team

Mari Hill                                 Baskettball I   Second Team

Rio Yamazaki                         Baskettball I   Second Team

Southern Crescent Technical  College

Adriana Fajardo                      Baskettball I   Second Team

West Georgia Technical  College

Alexandra Yarnall                  Softball I         First Team

Baylee Blaylock                     Softball I         Second Team

Justin Guyton                         Baseball I        Third Team

Lance Cummings                   Baseball I        Second Team

Latrell Swanigan                    Basketball III  Third Team

Lauren Smith                          Softball I         First Team

Lindsey Thomas                     Softball I         Third Team

Samantha Sneed                     Softball I         First Team

Taylor Knight                         Softball I         Second Team