Darton Athletics rank in Nations Top 10

Darton Athletics rank in Nations Top 10
ALBANY – After an excellent 2013-2014 season, Darton State College Athletics ranked No. 9 among all NJCAA D-1 athletics departments, the National Alliance of Two-Year College Athletics Administrators announced Monday.
Darton Athletics director and physical education Dean, Dr. Mike Kiefer, called it a big win for all of the Darton community.
“A ranking like this in large part is due to the commitment from everyone involved -  the coaches, student-athletes, administration, faculty, staff and our supporters within the community,” he said. “You don’t see this type of success unless you have that – the total buy-in from everyone involved.”
It was another banner year for Darton. Twenty-two Cavaliers became All Americans, and 39 student-athletes earned All Region 17 awards. Four Darton athletes won Region 17 Player of the Year or Most Valuable Player awards. The Cavalier Athletic Department had seven Region 17 Coach of the Year namings, three District Coach of the Year awards, and one National Coach of the Year award.
With eight of its 11 programs earning their way to national championship events, Darton Athletics brought home two gold, two silver and two bronze medals, a National Diver of the Year award, one Golden Glove, two Non-Scholarship Division national titles, and two District Championship titles. 
Darton was the only athletics program from the Southeast U.S. to have a stronghold in the NATYCAA Cup rankings, and the news follows Darton’s record-setting 11 academic awards the NJCAA announced last week. 
“If you want to win, you come to Darton,” said Dr. Jamie Barker, Darton Assistant Professor of English and men’s soccer academic advisor. “This just further demonstrates the esteemed dedication our coaches and athletes have for athletic and academic excellence.”