GCAA Baseball Coaches release 2016 All-Region selections

GCAA Baseball Coaches release 2016 All-Region selections

The GCAA Baseball coaches selected their All-Region teams, along with selecting the Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and Gold Glove team for 2016 season. 

Defensive Player of the Year-John Cable DSC

Player of the Year- John Cable DSC

Coach of the Year - Scott Hemmings DSC

First Team All Conference 

Outfielders - Cameron Coffey SGSC, Michael Warren AC, Caleb Slaughter ABAC

Infielders - Jordan Howard GSC, Jacob Olson WGTC, Denzell Gowdy DSC, Michael Huggins DSC
Catcher - John Cable DSC
DH - Aubrey McCarty GSC
Pitchers - Cayden Hatcher SGSC, Jeremy Beasley DSC
Closer - William Griffin GHC

Second  Team All Conference
Outfielders - Landon Crowder DSC, Kendall Herron DSC, Anthony Young AC

Infielders - Mikal Flores SGSC, Tony Salvaggio EGSC, Blake Jackson  ABAC, Andrew Claxton EGSC
Catcher - Aaron Gonzalez WGTC
DH-Matt Harman DSC
Pitchers -Rabon Martin DSC, Payton Phillips EGSC
Closer - Austin Guest ABAC

Gold Glove Team
Catcher - John Cable DSC
First Base - Tyler Morris DSC
Second Base - Chase Hinson SGSC
SS - Andrew Claxton - EGSC
Third Base - Tony Salvaggio EGSC
Outfielders - Michael Warren AC, Anthony Young AC, Kendall Herron DSC

Pitcher - Rabon Martin DSC

All Tournament Team

Colton Thomas (MVP), Sam Goberdhan, Tyler Morris, Cody Illgenfritz - DSC

Chase Hinson, Zack Rafuse, Jacob Schmidt- SGSC

Bryant Trice, Jacob Teston - EGSC

Perry Keith, Chase Sudduth - GSC