GCAA Coaches release 2016 All-Region selections

GCAA Coaches release 2016 All-Region selections

The GCAA Softball coaches selected their All-Region teams, along with selecting the Player of the Year, Coach of the Year for 2016 season. 


Ansley Wilbanks - GMC

GCAA Coach of the Year

Nicki Levering - South Georgia State


Infield – First Team                                                     Infield – Second Team

Jala Stewart – Darton State                                           Lauren Womack – Georgia Highlands

Jordan Crews – GMC                                                    Tori Aycock – Gordon State

Kirsten Albright – GMC                                               Brianna Fickes – Georgia Highlands

Olivia Carter – ABAC                                                   Taylor Little – GMC

Megan Farmer – South Georgia State                            Summer Lee – South Georgia State


Outfield – First Team                                                  Outfield – Second Team

Ansley Wilbanks – GMC                                               Brianna Billie – Darton State

Deja Lester – Darton State                                            Maggie Bell – East Georgia State

Chelsea Lyons – South Georgia State                            Halie Pearce – South Georgia State

Brielle Grubbs – Gordon State                                       Trenity Coleman - ABAC


Battery – First Team                                                   Battery – Second Team

Jade Moncrief (Catcher) – GMC                                    Madason Messer (RHP) – GMC

Samantha Hays (RHP) – South Georgia State                Caitlin Parks (Catcher) – Georgia Highlands

Whitney Oliver (RHP) – South Georgia State                Kiley Rediger (Catcher) – GMC

Rebecca Meade (RHP) – Georgia Highlands                   Kimberly Gentry (RHP) – South Georgia State

Aryn McGowan (RHP) – Darton State                           Baylee Brantley (Catcher) – Gordon State


DP/UT – First Team                                                    DP/UT – Second Team

Danielle Downs – GMC                                                Carlee Thurmond – Georgia Highlands