Espinal, Garcia earn All-American honors

Espinal, Garcia earn All-American honors

ALBANY – Hard work and character continues to pay off for Cavaliers Darwin Espinal and Alejandro Garcia, whom the NJCAA awarded All-America honors, today.

Darton State College head men’s soccer coach Bart Sasnett couldn’t say enough about these two student-athletes.

“They have been the reason I like to go to work,” Sasnett said. “Their character, their demeanor, their work ethic – they have been fantastic. Neither of them got a (yellow or red) card the whole year, I think that speaks volumes about them.”

That may be because they were too busy scoring goals and winning soccer games. The two are responsible for netting 40 goals in Darton’s 17 matches. Four of Espinal’s 23 goals were game-winners, while six of Garcia’s 17 goals were game-deciders too.

Espinal is Darton’s second freshman to earn All-America, 1st Team honors (first was Troy Tucker, 2011). While the forward is as lethal and talented up top as any, it’s Espinal’s drive that sets him apart from the rest.

“Darwin comes to practice early and leaves late every day,” Sasnett said. “You’ll find him training out back on the soccer field, on his own, at random times any day. He’s a machine, and this award is a testament to his hard work and to his dedication to our team.”

Garcia earned All-America, 3rd team honors as a midfielder, but the 2-year starter has played nearly every position besides goalkeeper for Sasnett.

“The thing that’s special about him is his willingness to sacrifice for the good will of our team,” Sasnett said. “We were lucky to have him in our program.”

(pictured above: Espinal; below: Garcia)